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  • Zibo Yuhai Electronic Ceramic Co., Ltd.

  •  [Shandong,China]
  • Business Type:Manufacturer
  • Main Mark: Americas , Asia , East Europe , Europe , Middle East , North Europe , West Europe
  • Exporter:31% - 40%
  • Certs:ISO9001, REACH, RoHS
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Zibo Yuhai Electronic Ceramic Co., Ltd.

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About Us

Zibo Yuhai Electronic Ceramics Co Ltd formerly Zibo Wireless Ceramics Factory founded in 1966 is one of leading manufacturer of piezoelectric ceramic elements and is engaged in the research and development of piezoelectric ceramic elements One of the founders of research development and production of Piezo components and sensors in China the member of China Standardization Committee on underwater piezoelectric ceramic materials and components partifipated the piezoelectric ceramic elements standard setting a In 1986 involved in the formulation of the CB1125 1128 86 ministerial standard for general technical conditions of piezoelectric ceramic materials for underwater acoustics b In 1988...

Categories and Products

PZT Piezoelectric Elements

PZT Piezoelectric Discs & Rods

Piezo Rod for Ultrasonic Sensor OD14x10mm Piezoelectric Ceramic Disc OD45x10mm SOFT PZT Ultrasonic Piezo Discs OD7.8 x 0.5mm Piezo Disc for ultrasonic skin scrubber 2MHz High Power Piezoelectric Ceramic Disc OD50x2.6mm Ultrasonic Component Inkjet Transducer Dia.0.66"x0.775" Piezoelectric Ceramic Disc OD10x5.5mm Customized piezoelectric disc for Liquid Level Measurement Custom Piezoelectric Disk PZT-5H OD3x2mm High Power Piezoceramic disc 2MHz Flow Measurement Piezoelectric Disc 2MHz Custom Piezoelectric Disk Elements Custom Piezoceramic Element Distance Meansurement OD8x1MHz Custom Electrode Piezo Disc 200KHz Piezoceramic Disc for Ultrasonic Skin Shovel OD33x1MHz Piezo Disc for Igition Assemble PZT-5H High power piezo disc for ultrasonic transducer OD28x1MHz Piezo Disc Liquid Level sensor Ultrasonic Measuring Piezoelectric Discs Stable Performance PZT-5H Piezo Disc 

PZT Piezoelectric Rings

Piezoelectric Ceramic Ring for Measurement OD16xID7x2.5mm High Power Piezoelectric Ceramic Rings OD60xID30x10mm Piezoelectric Ceramic Ring OD30xID5.5x3mm Piezoceramic Ring Vibration Transducer OD15xID6.5x2mm PZT-8 ISO9001 Certificated Piezoelectric PZT Ring Dia.160mm Custom Ultrasonic Piezo Rings OD12xID7x4mm High Power Piezoelectric Ceramic Rings OD24xID7x3mm Custom PIezoelectric Shear Rings High Power Piezoelectric Ring Custom PIezoelectric Ceramic Ring Piezo Rings for Detonation Generator OD22xID14.6x3mm Custom Piezo Rings Elements OD20xID7x12mm 

PZT Piezoelectric Cylinders/Tubes

Piezoelectric Tube 28KHz for Underwater Acoustic Transducer Piezoceramic Tube for Ultrasonic Transmitter OD76xID68x40mm Piezoelectric Ceramic Tubes OD36xID32x40mm Small Size Piezo Ceramic Tubes Dia.6 Piezoelectric Tube Acoustic Pickup OD23xID19x15mm Piezoelectric Tangential Tube 21KHz Piezo Ceramic Tube Transducer 98KHz Piezo Cylinders for NDT Ultrasonic Detection OD28xID25x40mm PZT-4 High Performance Piezoelectric cylinder 30KHz Piezoelectric Tube for Ultrasonic Receiving Transducer 68KHz 38KHz Piezo Ceramic Tube Dia.0.7" Piezoelectric Tube for Hydrophone Transmitting Piezoelectric Ceramic Tubes Low Frequency 9KHz Piezo Ceramic Elements for Underwater Transducer 40KHz High Sensitive Piezo Tubes OD6.35xID5.08x12.7 Piezoelectric Tangential Tubes OD1 36KHz Non Destroy Test NDT Piezoelectric Tube Dia.20.5mm PZT piezo tube for hydrophone OD1"xID0.87"x0.5" Low Frequency Piezoceramic cylinder Custom Piezoceramic tube elements 

Piezoelectric Block & Plates

Piezo Ceramic Plate 100.838x79.38x2.2mm High Power Piezo Ceramic Plate 14x14x1mm Custom Piezo Ceramic Plates 3*3*4mm Piezoelectric Ceramic Plate 180x15x9.75mm High sensitive piezoceramic plates 25x8x0.8mm Custom Piezo Ceramic Plate High Sensitive Piezo Shear plate 38x10x1mm Piezoelectric wedge for Low Frequency Hydrophone 80x6x8mm Low Frequency Piezoceramic Wedge Piezoelectric Ceramic Wedge 120x6x10.8mm High Sensitive Piezoceramic Plates 80x80x1mm PZT Piezoelectric Plate 1MHz 

PZT Piezoelectric Hemisphere

Piezoelectric Ceramic Sphere for Hydrophone Dia.36mm PZT Sphere Ultrasonic Receiver OD1" Piezoelectric Ceramic Sphere OD90 Custom Piezo Hemisphere OD4" Piezoelectric Ceramic Hemisphere OD19.5x4MHz Piezo Hemisphere for Underwater Transmitting transducer OD63mm Beauty facing transducer parts OD90x400KHz Custom Piezo Sphere Parts for Hydrophone Dia.6" Piezo Hemisphere for Ultrasonic Transmitter OD17.3 4MHz High Frequency 7MHz Piezo Hemisphere OD19x7MHz Piezo Ball Sphere Parts for Hydrophone OD15 Piezo Hemisphere for Ultrasonic Hydrophone Dia.1.1" Piezoelectric Ceramic Hemisphere OD63 PZT-5A High Sensitive Piezoelectric hemisphere Custom Piezoelectric Ceramic Hemisphere 

Lead Free Piezoelectric Elements

Lead Free Piezo Discs & Rods

Lead Free Piezoceramic Disk OD19x6.83mm Lead Free Piezo Ceramic Disc OD36.83x200KHz Barium Titanate Piezoceramic Disc OD18*2mm Barium Titanate Piezo Ceramic 

Lead Free Piezo Rings

Lead Free Piezo Ring for Fishfinder 180KHz Lead Free Piezo Ceramic Ring 200KHz Lead Free Piezo Ceramic Ring OD2"xID1.2"x200KHz Low Frequency Piezo Ceramic 

Ultrasonic Sensor

Piezo Oscillator for Ultrasonic Cleaning High Sensitive Ultrasonic Geophone Ultrasonic Piezo Force Sensor Ultrasonic Cosmetologic Transducer Probe Ultrasonic Piezo Microphone Sensors Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter Sensor Piezo Ceramic Buzzer 

Custom Piezo Solutions

Custom Ultrasonic Sensors and Transducers 

Piezoelectric Material

Lead Free Piezoceramic Material Hard PZT Piezoceramic Materials High Curie Temperature PZT Soft PZT Piezoceramic Material 

Piezoelectric Discs For Flowmeter Sensor

Piezoelectric Disk Flow Meter OD14.6 X 1MHz High Performance Piezoceramic Disc for Flowmeter OD20x1MHz Piezo Disc for Ultrasonic Flow Meter Sensor OD15x1MHz Piezo Disc for Ultrasonic Sensor OD49x10mm Piezoelectric Plate For Gas Turbine Flowmeter Piezoelectric Discs For Flow measurement 

Piezoelectric Elements For Inkjet Piezo Transducer

Ultrasonic Transducer Ring OD6xID2.5x2mm Piezo Ceramic Ring for vibration Transducer OD4xID2x2.5mm 

Custom Piezoelectric Components

Custom Piezoelectric Elements and Electrode Custom Piezoelectric Elements Soldered Wires Custom piezoceramic components 

Piezoelectric Rings For Ultrasonic Machining

PZT-8 High Power Piezoelectric Ring Piezoceramic Ring Parts Ultrasonic machining OD15xID7x4mm High Power Piezo Ceramic Ring OD50xID20x6mm Dental Cleaning Transducer PZT Rings OD10xID5x2mm Ultrasonic Rings for Vibration Transducers OD20xID10x4mm Piezo ring ultrasonic washing Transducer OD35xID15x5mm Piezo Rings for Ultrasonic Cleaning OD38xID15x5mm 

HIFU Piezoelectric Ceramic Parts

Low Frequency Hifu Piezo ceramic HIFU PZT 2M/4M/7M Beauty facing Probe High Power HIFU Piezoceramic element OD19.5x4MHz High Performance HIFU Parts Focus Bowl 4MHz Piezoceramic Sphere for HIFU Technology OD90x400KHz Custom HIFU Components 4M/7M High power piezoelectric Ceramic Hemisphere ID85x250KHz Custom Piezoelectric HIFU Part 

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