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Ultrasonic logging transducer


In the heat exchange, there is an ultrasonic logging transducer. Then, on this transducer, the following is mainly to solve some related problems: what is the composition of the ultrasonic logging transducer? Is it the same as a vibrator? And how to judge the quality of the transducer? Now let's have a specific answer to make it clear.

1. What is the composition of ultrasonic logging transducer?

The transducer of ultrasonic logging consists of three parts: acoustic system, electronic circuit and sound insulation. Among them, the sound system mainly includes the transmitting transducer and the receiver, so as to carry out some judgment work and pass the receiving time of the sound wave.

2. Is the ultrasonic logging transducer the same as the vibrator?

Ultrasonic logging transducer and vibrator are different, because vibration is just a common name, while ultrasonic logging transducer belongs to transducer, not vibrator. In addition, the center frequency of the transducer has drift in a certain range. Therefore, they cannot be equated.

3. How to judge the quality of ultrasonic logging transducer?

For this, it is not difficult to implement it. The specific aspects involved are as follows:

Judging from the manufacturing process and appearance of the transducer, if its quality is good, it is also good in the manufacturing process and appearance, not bad. In addition, we can also see whether the design is reasonable, whether the parameters match, and whether the ideal state can be achieved. However, it requires some experience and knowledge, otherwise it cannot be judged correctly.

For ultrasonic logging transducer, the above problems are very important and key, so we can not be a little careless and lax in our study, otherwise it will affect the learning effect, but make ourselves lose more than gain. Moreover, from another point of view, only by mastering these knowledge, can we successfully and efficiently use the ultrasonic logging transducer in practice and benefit ourselves.

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